EOFY – now’s the time to invest in your people

How to upskill your staff and secure the future success of your company

The last few years have been turbulent. COVID-19 threw curveballs bigger than we had ever experienced – adapting to working from home, trying to keep business afloat, and supporting one another through the emotional rollercoaster. If your employees are still with you on the other side, they’re worth keeping.

With an impending recession and the aftermath of the pandemic still very much in sight, it’s understandable why many businesses are hesitant to invest in their staff and why upskilling gets put on the back burner. But an investment in your staff is a direct investment in your business – and at the end of this financial year, there’s no better way to spend your remaining budget.

It might be the most important thing you do all year. Here’s why. 

Beat other companies to it

With thousands of Kiwis planning to quit their jobs, taking care of your staff has never been more important. And if you decide not to invest in them, you can guarantee that in this market, someone else will. That couldn’t be truer as The Great Resignation sweeps the country. Show your staff you value them, find out what areas they need to upskill, and make it happen – or you risk losing them.

Boost workplace morale

Investing a lot of time, money and energy into your staff can be daunting, knowing they could resign at any time. But think of it this way: what if you don’t upskill them, and they stay? Workers who feel they aren’t valued drain workplace energy levels – they’ll be less motivated and less productive. An investment in your people, whether they’re with you long-term or not, is the risk you have to take if you want to adapt and grow.

Secure the best talent

New Zealand’s employment is on thin ice. As borders reopen worldwide, young Kiwis can’t go abroad fast enough. It means more people are leaving New Zealand than entering – adding to the shortage of workers and making it a tough market to secure good employees. If you’ve already got workers you couldn’t live without, you should do everything you can to entice them to stay.

Keep the company thriving

Your staff’s success and development directly reflect your company’s success and growth. So if you want to evolve and succeed next financial year, you need to sit down with each team member and talk to them about growth areas and what direction they’d like to take in their development. If everyone’s excited and optimistic about a successful year ahead, the wheels of your company will continue to turn.

Future proof business

Our world is changing more rapidly than ever before, and the workplace needs to keep up. By 2025, over half of the global workforce is expected to need upskilling. If you turn a blind eye, your staff won’t be equipped with the modern skillsets they need, and your company will suffer. With thousands of Kiwis fearful that their jobs will become obsolete, the good news for companies is that they’re eager and willing to jump head-first into upskilling. 

Invest in your staff, or risk losing them

With more Kiwis quitting their jobs than ever before and many leaving the country, keeping hold of your best staff has never been more important. And as we near the end of this financial year, with leftover budget lingering, there’s no better way to spend it than on upskilling your employees – it’ll entice them to stay, enhance workplace productivity and motivation and, ultimately, boost the success of your company.

We offer workshops and training to support new and emerging leaders in your organisation and help people upskill. If you need support with these conversations or would like to talk more about our workshops and training, get in touch – we’re here to help.