The Great Resignation is here – are you prepared?

How to ensure your staff return next year

It’s almost time to dust off the BBQ, stock the cupboard with onion dip and pull out the jandals. But, with 43% of Australian and New Zealand workers saying they planned to leave their jobs within 12 months, the approaching holidays can also make some business owners nervous. Add talent shortages and the financial and stress cost of employing someone new to that and losing your most valued employees is the last thing you need.

So how do you ensure your staff return from their summer feeling refreshed and motivated instead of ready to resign? Here are five simple tools to adopt before the holidays.

1.     Check in regularly

Kiwis are quitting their jobs for a whole host of reasons – including better pay, opportunities and work/life balance. Some are seeking more opportunities for growth and development, some are after more flexibility, and others desire change for their well-being. In the lead-up to the holiday break, you must check in with your staff to gauge how they’re feeling – ensure they’re coping with their workload and inquire about any areas in the workplace they would like to explore more or that they feel need attention. Taking the time to smooth out these questions will make them feel supported, valued and excited for the year ahead.

2.     Offer support

What are your employees’ career intentions for 2023 and beyond? How can you best support them to smash their goals and propel their careers to the next level? Knowing where they’re at is the first step but having the tools to help them is the golden nugget. In the build-up to the holidays, ensure you carve out some time for this – schedule training or courses for their development next year or offer exposure to other business areas. They’ll be buzzing to get back to work and jump into new challenges and experiences.

3.     Boost workplace culture

In the modern world, poor workplace culture is responsible for 90% of workers considering resignation. Positive work culture has arguably never been so important. So how do you create a good one and encourage your workers to stay? Boost positivity in the office with incentives – a coffee shout or awarding employee of the month – and be an optimistic example. If you’re calm and positive even on the most stressful days, your staff are much more likely to feel the same.

4.     Adapt to modern expectations

Since the pandemic, work environments have changed, and so have workers’ expectations – with 81% of people in a Harvard study favouring a hybrid work model. If you want to keep your most valued staff next year and beyond, you need to adapt to these modern expectations where you can: giving your staff more autonomy over their schedules and adopting a more flexible working model. In return, you’ll see greater productivity, boosted positivity and a team that feels valued.

5.     Encourage a total switch off

Modern technology has endless benefits, but it’s also hard to switch off properly. If your staff feel they’re still expected to be in work mode this summer, they might resign before the new year. Instead, ensure they’re prepared to take a proper break – encourage them to finish any work, set up an out-of-office email and delete work-related apps. If they can enjoy their break in full relaxation mode, they’re much more likely to return to work next year with a spring in their step.

Prepare now for a successful 2023

When your employees shut their laptops this month, you want them to buzz about the year ahead – not dread the first day back at the office. In these final weeks of the year, you have a small window of opportunity to make sure that happens. Highlight all the exciting things on next year’s calendar, outline career progressions and opportunities, and ensure your staff feel valued. 

The HR Department can help you navigate these conversations so your staff stay with you next year – and beyond. Get in touch today.